Anti-Racism Work

We invest in our community through Girl Scouts. Our community represents every race, ethnicity, income level, sexual orientation, ability, and religion; reflects a spectrum of gender identity; and connects across geographic locations. By focusing our attention on community members who are furthest from racial, economic, and social justice, Girl Scouts can be an instrument of change, promoting equitable outcomes for all.

While Girl Scouts of Western Washington has a successful history of programs designed for youth affected by parental incarceration, children of military families, people of differing abilities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community, we know we need to better serve our community members who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC). Recent and upcoming steps in that direction include the new Anti-Racism Patch, the first in the series of Girl Scouts My Values patches, to BIPOC Family Camp (once public health allows). However, to truly match our activities to our mission, we need to implement changes on every level to prevent harm and promote anti-racism.

Each of our council departments contributed to a logic model for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, identifying key strategies for putting our mission into action. These include comprehensive anti-racism training and exercises; affinity groups to foster healing, community, and positive growth; accurate and inclusive communication standards; thorough data collection and community feedback to guide our progress, and partnerships to provide resources and programs that will best serve each of our members.

We wholly commit to taking action to grow as an anti-racist and anti-oppressive organization so that, through Girl Scouts, our members are affirmed as they strive to make our community and world better. Every activity of our organization, from fundraising and finance to programming, communications, and beyond, needs to promote equity and anti-racism within our community.  


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