Community Corporate Partnerships

We’re constantly thankful for our strong local partnerships that help expand access to Girl Scouts and provide quality Girl Scout programming. This year, we’re especially grateful that many of our partners, notably CenturyLink, KeyBank, Symetra, and Wells Fargo, relaxed their restricted contributions to support necessary operational changes and meet youth needs during these abnormal circumstances. Their steadfast collaboration helps equip each Girl Scout for a lifetime of leadership and success.

While many of our partners take a special interest in programs like financial literacy or aviation, their willingness to release funding restrictions helps each Girl Scout get the core support and specific training they need to navigate the unique challenges of 2020. Our community understands that youth still need the social, educational, and experiential opportunities that Girl Scouting provides, and the pandemic drastically changed how those needs can be met. Their flexibility makes it possible to pivot to online programming, offer timely and relevant workshops on emergency preparedness, civics, and advocacy, and prioritize invaluable interpersonal support from peers, adult volunteers, and employees. We are incredibly thankful for our partners who commit to investing in younger generations and trust in their potential. 

CEO Fireside Chat

In an exclusive fireside chat, our CEO Megan Ferland and Stan Ryan, CEO of our longtime partner Darigold, discuss the importance of corporate partnerships. Stan notes,

“I’m a little concerned about the needs and the opportunities for Girl Scouts to do great and wonderful things if resources dry up at the time when the need is exploding.”

The need is critical and the opportunities are limitless. Together, business leaders and Girl Scouts are planting the seeds that will become the next visionaries who are vital in the business community and the global community. Funding is just one expression of the powerful partnerships between non-profit and corporate organizations. Many partners also provide volunteer support, mentorship, and in-kind services that improve the Girl Scout experience for our youth members. When Girl Scouts see themselves reflected in a business leader, industry expert, or trailblazer, they see what they can achieve and how they can impact the world. To all our partners, thank you for sustaining life-changing opportunities for Girl Scouts.


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