Glamp Goes Virtual

Glamp 2020 made history as the first virtual version of our signature fundraiser, benefitting Girl Scout camps and campers. Every year, Glamp highlights the powerful impact of camp experiences on youth confidence, self-esteem, and leadership ability, and unites attendees in breaking down financial barriers to camp. This year, Glampers brought their camp spirit to the digital sphere, ultimately raising over $80,000 for camp scholarships.

From volunteers and donors to alumnae and employees, many members of our community know how significantly Girl Scout camp impacts lives. Katie Johnston, Senior Director of Membership at Girl Scouts of Western Washington, remembers that,

“When I was a camper, I just wanted to maximize the time I was at camp. I wanted to be around these epically cool camp counselors that I just adored, get to be truly myself in this space with other kids, and get to do things that I never thought possible.”

For so many campers, magic comes from being in a space without access to technology, from living in community with others, from trying things you never thought possible. In Katie’s words,

“Camp allows the pressure of the world outside to just be lifted. It lets kids be kids and teens be teens.,. It lets them embrace the silliness and magic and joy of being in nature together.”

The joy and freedom Katie found as a camper led her to become a teen counselor-in-training. Then a counselor. Then a counselor for teen counselors-in-training. She reflects,

“I discovered so much about who I was and who I wanted to be from the people that I interacted with and the campers I wanted to be a role model for.”

Many Girl Scouts find community at camp and feel compelled to lead and give back as they realize the profoundly positive impact they can have on others. Skills learned at camp, like leadership, compassion, seeking challenges, and taking risks, are skills that last a lifetime. Camp also creates connections that last across lifetimes, even with people you’ve never met, all from the shared love of camp and the magic you experience there.

Glamp recreates the powerful freedom, excitement, and community of camp for adult supporters who want to share camp magic with generations to come. Chrissy Vaughn, Volunteer Co-Chair of Glamp, explains that,

“Whether you're a grown woman or a young girl, camp is a special place to build confidence, expand horizons, connect with nature, decompress--and, best of all, find new superpowers. I get joy from helping others find their superpower. I found my own at Camp River Ranch as a girl, so I'm grateful to now have the opportunity to help others do the same through Glamp and the great cause it supports.”

Even virtually, Glampers connect and discover their superpowers in a way that mirrors the experiences they make possible for youth campers. Girl Scout alumnae travel across the nation to reunite at Glamp each year - and joined us again this year, minus the plane ticket. Non-alumnae who support the mission of Girl Scouts experience camp magic and understand the incredible gift behind a camp scholarship. 

Glamp Evening Program

If you didn’t attend Glamp, you can get a taste of camp magic by watching the full Glamp evening program.

Share Camp Magic

For a short and sharable video testament to the power of camp, check out our video collaboration with Darigold, featuring powerful voices like Sally Jewell, Girl Scout Alumna and former Secretary of the Interior.


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